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Five By Five Canine is here to give you hands-on support and training for all of your agility needs. From foundations through masters and international coursework as well as distraction training, confidence building, outside the ring skills, and more casual backyard agility, we will give you the specialized training plan you need to step up your training and trialing.

We offer private lessons at Port Chester Obedience Training Center in Port Chester, NY as well as in-home in the Northwest, Central, and Southern Connecticut areas.

Port Chester Obedience Training Center

Address: 220 Ferris Ave, White Plains, NY 10603

As owner of Five By Five Canine, all private lessons will be with me, Bronagh Daly.

I am a OneMind Dogs Instructor and a certified Control Unleashed instructor. My instruction is based on seeing everything from the dog’s perspective and customizing every training or handling solution to each individual team.

I have worked with some of the best trainers in the world, including Tereza Králová, Lisa Frick, Silvia Trkman, Nic Jones, Tuulia & Timo Liuhto, Elina JanesniemiSarah Stremming, Leslie McDevitt, and many others. In 2017, I traveled to Finland to work with OneMind Dogs creators, Jaakko & Janita Leinonen.

Why does this matter? You and your team are uniquethat means you deserve a solution designed just for you. Private lessons are the perfect place for this, as we can accomplish the most in depth tailor-made training. Together, we can determine the right tools to utilize from my extensive toolbox to solve the specific problems you’re facing as a team, and tailor your training directly to your exact training goals.

Get a truly customized solution, drawn from a wide range of industry best practice and cutting edge training methods, no matter where you are in your agility journey.

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Does your dog need a quieter enviornment to learn? Or do you? Is there a specific set of skills you want to work on, but can’t find a class to fit your needs? Do you want to take your training to the next level? Are you getting ready to trial, but not sure what other skills you require?

Private lessons are for you!

Our private agility-based lessons offer:

  • foundational jump skills
  • foundational contact skills
  • foundational weave skills
  • beginner/novice coursework
  • open/intermediate coursework 
  • masters/international coursework
  • confidence building
  • handling skills and techniques
  • verbal training
  • outside the ring skills
  • waiting skills
  • distraction training and focus skills
  • trial prep
  • casual, backyard agility just for fun

It’s exciting to have Bronagh available to help us become the best teams possible, through her training. moving through our journey. She has a strong broad-base knowledge of canine behavior coupled with her intuitive ability to assess each dog and team. Her helpful instructions are a mix of her knowledge and her own skills and experiences. She’s been where we are or have been and speaks from the heart. Bronagh freely shares information and ideas and she is never critical, but rather has the ability for perspectival understanding. Above all, Bronagh is compassionate and motivates human and canine alike to simple enjoy leaning and achieving.

Bronagh Daly has helped me work with my fearful dog Lucas and my soft dog Torch. We have and continue to take her CU classes. She provides specific instructions and suggestions, which has helped us through some compromising situations. Bronagh also teaches agility and with her guidance, me and Torch are are becoming a fluid team.”

Kathy Vicari