Agility, behavior, & OBEDIENCE Classes

Five By Five Canine is teaching select classes on the Canine Sports Center in Goshen, CT.

Bronagh is also offer select behavior consulations at the Canine Sports Center!


Five By Five Canine will be offering classes at one locations:


Address: 416 Old Middle St, Goshen, CT 06756


(Classes and workshops run on various days)

Current class calendar 2023

MONDAYS – Bronagh teaching


LEASH WALKING WORKSHOP (3:30pm – 4:30pm)

This class focuses on making leash walks more pleasant for you and your dog. We will focus both on a casual loose leash walking style as well as a formal heel.

Call the Canine Sports Center to register

RECALL WORKSHOP (4:30pm – 5:30pm)

This workshop will focus on building a strong recall foundation (i.e. come when called!) We will focus on building a recall from the ground up as well as proofing that recall around distractions.

Call the Canine Sports Center to register

FRIDAYS – Bronagh teaching



Do you have all the basics down with your future performance dog and need the “next step” to get them ready for the excitement of agility, obedience, rally, and flyball class or trials? Then this class is for you!

This class is appropriate for dogs who have mastered basic obedience behaviors such as “stay” and leash walking. Dogs working on reactivity and anxiety are welcome.

This class is designed to give your dog the experience of being around other dogs and people in close quarters while remaining in focused and in “work mode.” The foundation theme of this class is Connection; we will be exploring various ways for you to feel connected with your dog and remain the center of your dog’s focus around an increasing level of distractions, and help you take that next step towards becoming a fully confident team.




Not sure which class is right for you?