Five By Five Canine is here to help you resolve those undesirable behaviors quickly and efficiently, with permanent solutions. With our in-home, hands-on support, we will always tailor your training to your specific needs with effective results!

We will help you build a repertoire of problem-solving skills and smart training practices, so you will not only feel confident in addressing your dog’s current behavior concerns, but also be prepared for any behavior problems that might crop up in your dog’s life. We believe in a positive approach to all of our training, and are always ready find that creative solution for you and your best friend. Overall, Five By Five Canine is here to support you and your adult dog on your journey to living your best life together!

Not local? No problem! Check out our online offerings.

Do you want the best possible relationship with your dog? Do you have behavioral or obedience concerns that you’ve realized could use some improvement? Are you experiencing leash reactivity or over-the-top excitability on walks? Anxiety, aggression, or excessive barking in the home?

We can help!


  • basic manners
  • obedience behaviors
  • leash reactivity or aggression
  • stranger-directed reactivity or aggression
  • dog-directed aggression or reactivity
  • resource guarding
  • in-home aggression
  • fear or people or other dogs
  • prey-related reactivity or aggression
  • recalls
  • place
  • crate training
  • anxiety in the home and/or on walks
  • potty retraining
  • leash manners
  • appropriate greetings
  • remedial socialization
  • excessive barking
  • focus in the face of distractions
  • behaviors for vet visits
  • general socialization
  • relationship building
  • appropriate enrichment
  • hiking trail manners
  • difficulty communicating 
  • body language interpretation


Don’t see what you want to work on in this list? No problem! We always make sure our training can be tailored directly to your dog and their specific needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out and see if we can help.


Ready to get started? Let’s do it!

All in-person training begins with an initial consultation that may occur virtually or in person, depending on the case. The consultation will last roughly 90-minutes and ideally includes your entire family and/or everyone who will be taking part in the training. 

During this consultation, we will discuss your current behavioral concerns and goals for your dog, a full behavioral history, potential management set ups, behavioral wellness, helpful resources, and prognosis. We will then discuss potential training plans tailored to your specific dog.


    After your initial consultation, you have two options: single training sessions or session packages. 

    Single sessions can be great for flexibility. They can either be scheduled at the close of the previous session or just as needed on a more sporadic basis. Check ins will still be done between sessions and questions/updates can be sent whenever via email or text. 



    If you’d prefer a bit more stability in scheduling your sessions further in advance, a session package may be best for you. We offer packages of three, six, and nine sessions following your initial consultation. Packages do also include a discount for purchasing multiple sessions at once. 

    Sessions are usually scheduled at least two weeks apart, but can be scheduled weekly or even up to once a month on a case-by-case basis. Followups will be done between sessions either by email or text. At the close of each session, you will recieve a homework reminder either verbally, via email, or video depending on your preference. 



    Do you have a behavior concern that you’d like to address, but don’t feel that you have the time to currently do so? Our day training program may be for you!

    Our day training programs combine one-to-one sessions with just your trainer and your dog and group sessions with your whole family. Bronagh will teach your dog the foundational skills they’ll need to successfully resolve your behavior concerns and/or meet your behavior goals. Then together, Bronagh will teach you how to apply those skills to your everyday life with your dog.

    All day training clients must be approved during an initial 90-minute consultation with the whole family. Day training spots are limited and only currently available to those within Litchfield County, CT. If day training d0es not sound like the right fit for your dog, please check out our other training options listed above. 

    The program includes:

    90-minute consult with your family, discussing training goals and current behavioral concerns as well as several strategies that you can implement right away for immediate results. If your dog is a good fit for the program, we will discuss a training plan, as well as discussing ways to further increase your dog’s emotional and physical welfare. The consult must be in person.

    14 sessions overall, four of which are completed all together. The rest can be split up as needed. Options include:

    • in-home sessions, learning skills in/around your home

    • walk-and-train sessions, learning skills nearby your home

    • field trip sessions

      Note: sessions are generally schedule 2 times per week, one-on-one with Bronagh

      All programs include:

    • 4 in-home training sessions (with you and your family)
    • A training plan specifically tailored to your dog’s individual needs.

    • Bronagh will be available to support you through the entire program via email and phone along with the in-person lessons and walk-and-train lessons.

    Extra Benefits:

    • photo updates during each walk-and-train session
    • unlimited email and text support for six months after conclusion of program

    Not sure which option is right for you?