About Me

Hey! I’m Bronagh

Owner of Five By Five Canine

About Me

Hey! I’m Bronagh

Owner of Five By Five Canine

Dog Training Bio


I’m Bronagh Daly, a Certified Control Unleashed Instructor, Certified Family Dog Mediator, Graduate of the Aggression in Dogs Master Course, and Certified One Mind Dogs Instructor. I’m a dog-obsessed—Buffy The Vampire Slayer loving—dog trainer and agility coach. I pride myself in my creative thinking, and am always ready to tailor every training solution to your individual dog. 

Why is that important? It means I don’t believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions! Instead, we’ll work together to find the solution that’s best for you and your dog. 

Growing up, I wasn’t initially allowed to have dogs in my NYC home, so her love of animals started small—from crickets to frogs to gerbils to cats. I eventually started fulfilling my love for dogs volunteering for Animal Welfare Society in New Milford, CT and in 2009, my love for animals took me across the world to South Africa on a conservation trip to help the brown hyenas who are marked as near threatened in the IUCN Red List. Unsnaring traps on reserves and learning all the ways to help the misunderstood hyenas, solidified to me that helping animals would be a huge part of my life.

Shortly after returning from South Africa, at 16, I was finally able to have my own dog, Stella. Ever since, I have fallen in love with dog training and agility and turned my attention back to domestic animals. Overall, my main goal is always to help you foster the strongest possible relationships with your dogs and give them their best possible lives. 

My own dogs have had a huge impact on my dog training journey and current instruction. It all started at 16, when Stella brought me into the world of dog training and agility.

In agility, Stella taught me about how to help dogs with ring stress gain the confidence they need to feel comfortable in the ring. And in daily life, Stella was the perfect girl to help me learn everything I needed to know about training a dog when it came to house manners or polite leash walks on the busy streets of NYC.

Seven years later, Razzle, 5-year-old my recovered reactive border collie, became reactive to strangers at around 2 years old.

Building the trust and the skill-set necessary to work through his panic-infused reactivity and fears, Razzle taught me a great deal about helping reactive dogs take a driver’s seat in their own behavior modification and how to make them feel comfortable in their own skin. Through hard work, Razzle was not only able to feel brave amongst strangers once again, but we were able to successfully travel to and around Finland together only a year later. Today, we are happily training for agility competitions and enjoying our daily hikes together, gracefully meeting strangers in the woods without a second thought.

My youngest border collie, Oz, has been (and continues to be) my greatest teacher. Oz, who has Generalized Anxiety Disorder, sound sensitivity and epilepsy, has worked through more fears in his first two years of life than all of my dogs combined.

Through his sometimes arduous behavior modification, Oz has taught me most about resilience and optimism, gaining confidence every day in the ever-less-scary world, always with a smile on his face. With trust and consent always at the forefront of our work, he has gone from fleeing from cars and panicking at the sight of a dog to genuinely enjoying walks in NYC and reveling at the chance to meet strange dogs on CT hiking trails. His deep love and ever-growing bravery has most shaped me into the dog trainer I am today.

I am a member of the APDT, a Certified Control Unleashed Instructor, a Certified Family Dog Mediator, a graduate of the Aggression in Dogs Master Course, and a One Mind Dogs Instructor, and am fully insured. I believe that education is never-ending and attend as many conferences, such as Clicker Expo and The Lemonade Conference, and seminars as I can to continue to further expand my knowledge and techniques.


My experience and success with each of my dogs, as well as countless clients, means I am ready to help with any problem you may encounter with your own dog.

Whether it’s loose leash walking and polite door manners, leash reactivity, general anxiety, dog-directed aggression, or anywhere in between, I have the experience and confidence to solve your problems and give you the calm, relaxing relationship you’re looking for with your dog.

Photography Bio


I started off with black-and-white film photography when I was 16, processing and developing my own photographs in the dark room.

From then on, I fell in love with digital photography. I am mostly self-taught, but have taken several classes at The University Of Chicago, where I attended college.  I love working with animals, bringing out each animal’s unique spirit and spark in every photograph. I have a playful eye and never fail to capture an animal’s personality and spirit in each shoot.

My photography has been in Clean Run magazine as well as their event banners. Most recently, my photos have been featured in Leslie McDevitt’s new book, Reactive To Relaxed.

I attended The University of Chicago with a BA in Theater and Creative Writing. I always bring this innovative and inventive background to my instruction and photography. I am a Certified Control Unleashed Instructor, Certified Family Dog Mediator, graduate of the Aggression in Dogs Master Courseand One Mind Dogs Instructor. I teach agility and Control Unleashed classes at PCOTC in Port Chester, NY as well as consulting in-home around the state of Connecticut.

“My two year old sheltie and I have learned so much working with Bronagh over the past year. We started working with Bronagh by taking her short sequence agility skills classes. Her fun exercises and energetic feedback assisted our ability to grow teamwork skills and build confidence. Along the way, my young sheltie displayed environmental stresses particularly noise sensitivity. So we were fortunate to transition into Bronagh’s behavioral Control Unleashed classes. Today he is a much more focused happy dog. We have benefitted from her individualized creative games and ideas which go well beyond help for the agility ring. We are currently preparing him to be more comfortable for upcoming vet and groomer appointments for example. Bronagh is highly intelligent with an astute ability to read dogs and give clear productive feedback. She is a joy to work with and her Advanced Control Unleashed class is my dog’s favorite. He tells me that every week. I highly recommend her both for agility and behavior training.”

Virginia Hagan

“AWESOME!! Timely as a photographer vendor in all aspects – photos have that extra special energy!”

Lynn Spagnesi