Kind and effective dog training services in Litchfield County, CT



Kind and effective dog training services in Litchfield County, CT


Welcome to Five By Five Canine,

a positive, rewards-based dog training business led by Bronagh Daly.

Five By Five serves the Northwest, Central, and Southern Connecticut areas as well as virtual training worldwide.

With years of dog training and photography experience, Bronagh believes in always giving your canine partner a driver’s seat in their training and behavior modification. She will help you resolve your dog’s behavioral concerns more thoroughly and at the same time, help you foster an even stronger, trusting relationship with your best friend.


In-PERSON training

Our customizable, in-home training programs offer: 

Basic life skills and obedience training 

-Solutions for common behavioral problems

-Coaching through complicated cases of reactivity, aggression, and anxiety

Focus & relationship building in the face of distractions

All programs: always have a focus on behavioral wellness at their base


Our online training sessions & coaching programs take place via either Zoom or within a private Facebook group:

Focus & confidence building behavioral work

Reactive/anxious dog training

-Solutions for common behavior problems & basic life skills

Prep for the agility trial atmosphere & agility training from beginner to masters



Our agility classes and private lessons at The Canine Sports Center and at your home offer:

Agility foundations

Beginner through masters and international-style coursework

Contact & specialized obstacle training

Verbal training 

Private lessons tailored just for you

Just for fun agility (non-competition)


Our photography offers include select opportunities for:

Individual and group portraits

Action shot sessions

Dog sport competition photography for agility, obedience, rally, & dock diving

No matter the session, we look at everything with an eye to capture your best friend’s spirit and those perfect moments you won’t want to forget!

What Are My Clients Saying?

“I’m extremely thankful for all the knowledge Bronagh has passed down. I’ve learned so much about understanding what my dog is communicating and how much my dog is communicating to me. I’ve been to many dog training classes, wether it was for agility, basic puppy training, socialization, etc. and Bronagh is still the main source I turn to for any behavior or agility question I have. She truly understands compassionate training and that was exactly what I was looking for to build a trustful relationship with my dog when training for agility. SHE IS AWESOME!”

Stephanie Linares

“It’s exciting to have Bronagh available to help us become the best teams possible, through her training and beautiful photographs of us moving through our journey. She has a strong broad-base knowledge of canine behavior coupled with her intuitive ability to assess each dog and team. Her helpful instructions are a mix of her knowledge and her own skills and experiences. She’s been where we are or have been and speaks from the heart.

Bronagh freely shares information and ideas and she is never critical, but rather has the ability for perspectival understanding. Above all, Bronagh is compassionate and motivates human and canine alike to simply enjoy leaning and achieving.”

Kathy Vicari





Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

In our most difficult months, weeks, days, hours, I would sometimes think about how things might’ve been different for Oz and I. If we had been dealt a different deck of cards, if things were easier for my big feelings boy, where we might be now…

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From long line to no line

From long line to no line

Want to hike your dog off-leash, but have too many worries to do so? I used to be the same.

Some people can unclip the leash without too much thought or anxiety, but after one of my dogs disappeared for three hours, that wasn’t me. But about a year later, Oz wiggled his adorable little self into my life (and heart). With all of his anxiety, it is incredibly important that Oz gets to be carefree out in the woods, gets to move his body freely, gets to let go of his anxiety and just be a dog—for that bit of time once a day. So, as Oz grew up and it became increasingly clear that hiking was a necessity for both of us, I came up with a plan…

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Let’s talk about expectations

Let’s talk about expectations

Now back in Fall of 2017, when I got my new perfect puppy, I don’t like to admit it, but I had a preplanned image of how his life would pan out. (And as much as many of us don’t like to admit it, I think this is pretty common.)

My perfect puppy was going to be an agility star. I had grown my knowledge of dog training and agility training/handling and I felt like I was in a good place to help any puppy meet his potential. We were going to start competing at 15 months in AKC and knock out all those beginner AKC titles by the time he was 2. We were going to make it to world team tryouts before he was 3. He was going to be my easy dog. He was going to love all dogs and people and have no reactive issues. He was going to be strong and worry-free and together, we were going to meet our potential. And most importantly, we were going to be carefree.

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Want to know more? Training tips or a bit about Bronagh’s own training journey?